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Friendly, affordable and effective website design

For all your digital media requirements...


Cuttermoon offers a wide range of creative solutions to maximise your business potential.

Our aim is to meet our client's needs as cost effectively as possible whilst ensuring professional standards and quality. Whether you are a small independent company or a larger organisation, we will be able to meet every aspect of your electronic advertising and give you optimum visibility.


Some of the services on offer are:

  • Photography
  • Website Construction & Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Print Consultation
  • Graphic Design
  • Domain Name Management
  • Website Hosting
  • Visitor statistics
  • Search Engine Optimisation

We ensure that your URL is submitted to Google and other well known search engines to give you every chance of free optimisation and also making your site Search Engine ready.

Company logo creation and branding can also be part of the web design package if required.

If you require further information regarding our services then please contact Helen Geach using the details below or by clicking -

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  When building your website we take into consideration your individual requirements and tailor each site to suit your needs, pre-designed templates are never used making each site unique.  

Professional Website Design and Construction By Helen Geach
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